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Agricultural Surfactant

Agricultural silicone surfactants have high-efficiency spreading and permeability, good internal absorption, conductivity, and resistance to rain erosion. After mixing with the pesticide solution in proportion, the contact angle between the spray liquid and the leaf surface can be reduced, thereby increasing the coverage of the spray, and allowing the pesticide to be absorbed through the stomata of the leaves, which is helpful for improving the efficacy of the pesticide, reducing the amount of pesticide used, saving costs, reducing Pesticides are very effective in polluting the environment.

Agricultural Surfactant

HR-8039 Surfactant

      Agricultural silicone surfactant HR-8039 is a modified polysiloxane silicone surfactant with high-efficiency expansion ability. The agricultural surfactant HR-8039 can reduce the surface tension of water to 20.5mN/m at a concentration of 0.1% (wt.). After being mixed with a pesticide solution in a certain proportion, it can reduce the contact angle between the spray liquid and the leaf surface, thereby increasing The coverage of the spray is enlarged, and the agricultural surfactant HR-8039 can make the pesticides absorbed through the stomata of the leaves, which is very effective in improving the efficacy, reducing the amount of pesticides, saving costs and reducing the pollution of pesticides to the environment.

The Features:

      The agricultural surfactant HR-8039 has high-efficiency spreading and permeability, good systemic absorption, conductivity, and rain erosion resistance.

The Product index:

Appearance: Colorless to pale amber liquid

Surface tension, <25°C, mN/m: 20.8±0.5

Density: 1.01-1.03 g/cm3

Viscosity (25°C), mm2/s: 25-45

Cloud point (0.1%wt%): <10℃

Note: The numerical data based on the company's internal test is for reference only

Range of use:

      Agricultural surfactant HR-8039 can be added to the spray mixture of biological pesticides such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers, and plant growth regulators, and is very suitable for systemic pesticides.

The Instructions:

     1. Use tank-mixed spray,Usually add 5 grams of agricultural surfactant HR-8039 (4000 times) per 20 kg of spray liquid, mix well and use immediately. If it is necessary to promote the absorption of systemic pesticides, further improve the efficacy of pesticides or reduce the amount of spraying, the dosage of agricultural surfactant HR-8039 should be increased appropriately. Generally, the dosage of plant growth regulator is 0.025%-0.05%, the dosage of herbicide is 0.025%-0.15%, the dosage of insecticide is 0.025%-0.1%, the dosage of fungicide can be 0.015%-0.05%, the dosage of fertilizer and trace elements 0.015-0.1%.

When using, first dissolve the pesticide, add 80% water and mix well, then add agricultural surfactant HR-8039, then add 100% water and mix well. It is recommended that when using the agricultural surfactant HR-8039, the water consumption should be reduced to 1/2 (recommended) or 2/3 of the conventional dosage, and the dosage per unit area can be reduced to 70-80% of the conventional dosage. The spray speed should be accelerated appropriately.

      2. Use of pesticide stock solution, When added to the pesticide stock solution, it is recommended to add 0.5-8% of the pesticide stock solution. Adjust the pH value of the pesticide formulation to 6-8. Users should adjust the amount of agricultural surfactant HR-8039 according to different pesticide varieties and formulations to achieve a very economical and effective effect. Compatibility tests and step tests should be done before use.

The Packaging and storage:

     Packed in 25KG and 200KG plastic barrels, stored in a cool place, protected from direct sunlight, with a shelf life of 2 years, and transported as non-dangerous goods.