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Water-based ink leveling agent

Excellent compatibility, miscibility, excellent gloss and transparency; improve system wettability, fluidity, leveling, and efficient anti-cratering effect; significantly increase surface slip, scratch resistance and anti-scratch Blocking; suitable for solvent-borne and water-borne coating systems.

Water-based ink leveling agent

HR-6052 leveling agent

Polyether modified polysiloxane polymer

Advantages and characteristics:

      excellent compatibility, miscibility

Improve system wettability, fluidity and leveling

Has efficient anti-shrinkage effect

Increase surface slip, scratch and block resistance

Suitable for solvent-borne and water-based coating systems


     Excellent compatibility and miscibility, excellent gloss and transparency; improve the fluidity, leveling and wettability of the system, with efficient anti-cratering effect, remarkable surface slippery, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant Suitable for a variety of solvent-based and water-based coating systems.

Technical data :

      Appearance (visual inspection) colorless to amber liquid

      Relative density (25°C) 1.026

      Viscosity (CS, 25℃) 400

      Flash point) 107℃

      Active substance content (%) 100%

Note: The numerical data based on the company's internal test is for reference only

Field of application: Suitable for solvent-based and water-based coating systems

How to use: Add it at any stage in the production process, or add it later.

Recommended dosage: 

      The recommended dosage of this product is 0.1-0.5% (according to the total formula), it is recommended to test before use to determine the best usage and dosage.

Packing specification: 25KG/200KG packing

Storage and transportation: keep stable at room temperature