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UV varnish defoamer

This product is a polymer defoamer without inorganic silicon, which has excellent defoaming effect and antifoaming effect, high compatibility, miscibility, transparency, does not affect recoating, does not affect adhesion, and is suitable for For a variety of solvent-based and UV coating systems.

HR-3162 Defoamer

Blends without silicone polymers

Features and Benefits:

       Silicone-Free Polymeric Defoamer

Good compatibility, miscibility, transparency

Excellent defoaming effect and antifoam performance

Does not affect recoating, does not affect adhesion

Suitable for UV coating systems



       This product is a polymer defoamer that does not contain inorganic silicon and has excellent defoaming and antifoaming effects, high compatibility, miscibility, and transparency, and does not affect recoating or adhesion , Suitable for a variety of solvent-based and UV-curable coating systems.

Number of technologies:

       Appearance (visual inspection) transparent liquid

        Density (20°C) 1.016    

        Active matter content (%) 96±2%


Note: The numerical data based on the company's internal test is for reference only


Solubility properties: Benzene, ester, ketone as solvent (diluent)


Field of application: Suitable for various solvent-based and UV-curable coating systems


How to use : For best results, should be added before grinding.


Recommended dosage:

         The recommended dosage of this product is 0.1-2% (according to the total formula), it is recommended to test before use to determine the best usage and dosage


Packing specification: 25KG/200KG


Storage and transportation: stable at room temperature